The Friends of Manor Farm Park is administered by a Management Committee, elected by the membership at the FoMFP's AGM.

The Constitution allows for three Officers:-- Chair, Secretary and Treasurer with up to seven other Committee Members. For this year, which began at the AGM on 19th July 2017 and ends at the AGM on 25th July 2018, along with the Chair four other Committee Members were retained. One new Committee Member was elected for two years, one was re-elected for a further two years and the Secretary was re-elected to Office for another two years.

The elected Treasurer [at the 2016 AGM], David Spellman, who had served on Committee since late 2009 and as Treasurer since 2012, tragically lost his life shortly after the 2017 AGM: Committee, therefore, voted unanimously to install John Stewart as an Interim Treasurer until the Office could be filled at the 2018 AGM elections.



The Association has had a Constitution since its inception in 1985. It has been reviewed and updated twice since 2010. Once in order to make allowances for changing Laws and more modern considerations (at the 2010 AGM); then again in May 2012 by means of a postal/Internet ballot.


We are an Association of park users and local residents who are interested in the well-being of Manor Farm Park. Established in 1985 we work closely with the City's Parks Department for the improvement of amenities within the park. We do this through a Management Committee that is elected at the Association's Annual General Meeting, held in the summer........



The Barn:


In order to keep up to date with developments regarding the Cadbury Barn and what we are doing, please go here

The Barn:


Oddly enough, right from when it was erected in 1896, the Cadbury Barn has never been used as a barn. The main purpose of the building was to entertain children from the inner City who were less fortunate and had never experienced the countryside.

Every weekend, right up until WWII, hundreds of children would have fun on the farm and learn about the countryside; then, in the late afternoons they would enjoy a feast of sandwiches and cakes in the Barn, creating lots of noise and laughter, to the delight of George and Elizabeth.

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the barn and the surrounding buildings became a training centre for the Friends Ambulance Unit, which you can read more about here.

The Barn:


The original building, having been destroyed by fire means there is not, in reality, a future for the Barn at all. However, the Stakeholder Group continue to meet and plan for a future that will include, if not the original and unique Barn being brought back into community use, then a reasonable facsimilie being utilized that will include parts of the original witin its construction. Nothing can be confirmed, one way or another at this time, there is still a lot of planning and preparation to be done.

One thing that can be confirmed though, is our need of funds and you can help in any number of ways: join the FoMFP, which is only £2.00/year per person; buy our calendar; come to our events and have a go on the Tombola, make donations for the free refreshments and/or buy a cuddly hand made toy. You can even help right now by visiting this article and following the instructions.





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