21st April 2018 Ranger Day


The following photographs show the progress made in the North Copse on Saturday 21st April 2018.

Four members of the group began clearing the bamboo that was left from the last Ranger Day on 24th March and continued clearing the ground-hugging brambles and nettles.

Two others, with the help of Ranger Dave, cleared a stand of alder at the edge of the Lake in front of the North Copse. Later, the branches from the alders would be brought over and woven into the hedge.

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I continued working on the dead-hedge marking the edge of the path through the North Copse from the Manor Drive entrance to the bridge over the Weir that I had begun quite some time ago.

Later, Rosie and Nina would collect the branches from the alder stand and begin weaving them into the upright stakes and horizontal lacers I had constructed as a framework from thicker branches, collected over time from fallen and damaged trees

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The red arrows in the next two photographs are there to indicate how far the hedge was extended. It is difficult to see properly and harder to photograph with any depth perception.

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So, after a satisfying Ranger Day with a respectable amount of work successfully completed, it was time for a quick cuppa and chat before toiling off home for some well-earned R & R: for some anyway, Ranger Dave had to work the rest of the day and I stayed back a few more hours working on the dead hedge.

All photographs© D A B - P: 2018

Article by D A B - P: 22nd-23rd April 2018








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