Tree Blockage

As can be seen in the photographs below a whole tree, complete with a heavy covering of ivy had been brought down into the Griffin's Brook causing a partial blockage that has also collected a lot of litter. Without the aid of power tools, in particular chainsaws, this looked like a daunting task that would take several volunteers quite some time to clear away.

Nevertheless, four members of the team, Jan, Liz, John S and I, set about the work with unflinching enthusiasm.



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It soon became apparent that all the best efforts I could apply to my small saw were having little effect, so I decided to tackle a lesser blockage just around the next downstream bend. Seemingly easy enough after my work with the full tree, I soon discovered this task would be anything but easy. The branches were so interwoven one could be forgiven for thinking that beavers, albeit disorientated ones, had already made their way to the West Midlands from distant Cornwall!

Of the other team members, Sarah, Angie and Adam had gone off with litter picking equipment to ensure the banks of the brook and streams, as well as the area around the Lake, were clean and free of any and all rubbish. They also had rakes to clear the overflow from the Lake and they would later collect the plastic bottles, cans, shoes, balls and all other bits and pieces of floating litter that had gathered in, under and around the blockages in the brook.

700.JandR.2optRay and John D, after struggling with the cart full of tools had set about clearing away a potential hazard in the form of a tree that had fallen across the brook some fifty feet upstream from where Jan, Liz and John S were working to dismember the tree that was lying in the bed of the brook. Within a few minutes, John D and Ray were joined by Steve F, an ex Committee Member who was out walking his three lovely Spaniels - a welcome addition to the team and an amusing distraction too!

Fortunately, the weather remained friendly enough for the work to continue long enough for the team to clear both of the blockages and the tree that would surely have caused the third one in the Griffin's Brook over a distance of only 100 meters.

The rest of the photographs show just how much work the Waterside Care Team carried out in less than three hours.

Well done!!


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All photographs © FoMFP 2018

Article by D A Bryson-Peart: 09/04/2018







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