Help us raise £5000 to restart planning to continue Manor Farm Park's Cadbury Heritage

The Cadbury Barn, near the Bristol Road entrance to Manor Farm Park, was destroyed beyond repair by an arson attack shortly before 3.00am on Monday 31st July. Although we are devastated by the destruction of the nineteenth-century building, the Friends and our partners in the group which has been working to restore it, have not given up hope of achieving our vision for Manor Farm Park.

This tragedy is a set back to the plans and progress we had already made, but we are still determined to create a multi-use community meeting place with a café and toilets and to improve Manor Farm Park for the benefit of users and the local community.

Our vision, to have a focal point in the park which will attract more visitors, remains unchanged. However, we now have the opportunity to design a purpose-built facility to carry on the legacy of George and Elizabeth Cadbury, subject to securing major funding which, to some extent, could reflect the characteristic look of the original Cadbury Barn.

Our challenge now is to restart the planning process to improve amenities in Manor Farm Park and ensure the Cadbury legacy is not lost, given the loss of the Barn.

We are a small group and have limited funds; seeking people’s views and redesigning the plans will take time and money. Donations from supporters will help us with this and take the planning forward to develop the remaining buildings and the rest of the site in order to make visiting our beautiful park an even more rewarding experience.

We, therefore, ask you to visit our new Crowdfunding page at

Your donation, however small, will help us to set out options for the Barn site at consultation events at local venues including Shenley Court Hall, St David's Church and the new community hub 'Our Place and Space' in Northfield in 2019. That will mean we can collect local people's ideas on how best we can now develop the park and continue the Cadbury legacy. We will also be gathering your memories of the Cadbury Barn at these events.

You can follow our work here, on this site and also on our Facebook page “Friends of Manor Farm Park” (please share with your friends).

You can contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you have stories or photos of the Barn and park contact our Secretary, Daniel - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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The Barn:


In order to keep up to date with developments regarding the Cadbury Barn and what we are doing, please go here

The Barn:


Oddly enough, right from when it was erected in 1896, the Cadbury Barn has never been used as a barn. The main purpose of the building was to entertain children from the inner City who were less fortunate and had never experienced the countryside.

Every weekend, right up until WWII, hundreds of children would have fun on the farm and learn about the countryside; then, in the late afternoons they would enjoy a feast of sandwiches and cakes in the Barn, creating lots of noise and laughter, to the delight of George and Elizabeth.

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the barn and the surrounding buildings became a training centre for the Friends Ambulance Unit, which you can read more about here.

The Barn:


The original building, having been destroyed by fire means there is not, in reality, a future for the Barn at all. However, the Stakeholder Group continue to meet and plan for a future that will include, if not the original and unique Barn being brought back into community use, then a reasonable facsimilie being utilized that will include parts of the original witin its construction. Nothing can be confirmed, one way or another at this time, there is still a lot of planning and preparation to be done.

One thing that can be confirmed though, is our need of funds and you can help in any number of ways: join the FoMFP, which is only £2.00/year per person; buy our calendar; come to our events and have a go on the Tombola, make donations for the free refreshments and/or buy a cuddly hand made toy. You can even help right now by visiting this article and following the instructions.





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