Corporate Volunteer Day 2019

On Thursday 19th September 2019 we were pleased to welcome staff from the Birmingham based Chartered Surveyors, CS2 to our park. They had contacted our Assistant Secretary [and logistics supremo], Liz, back in July and asked if their office staff could volunteer to carry out some work in the park for a day.

Liz organized a tour of the park with herself, Daniel [Secretary] and Olly from CS2, to assess what needed doing, what Oliver was sure the team could do and when would be the best day to do it.

The community notice boards.

The 19th September was warm and sunny throughout and that helped the paint dry on the notice boards that were given a fresh coat. The plan had been to clean up, sand down and repaint all five notice boards; however, the one at the Lovell Close entrance had to be dug up and moved several yards away, out from under the trees that were discolouring and damaging it.

Out. opt 940 x 530

This task proved to be a lot harder and time-consuming than originally planned for. The 30" long x 1" diameter rebars that had been hammered through the lower end of the uprights, to add stability and prevent the board being easily removed, proved to be more effective than anyone could have guessed; they caused untold difficulties in first, removing the board and second, removing then replacing the rebars themselves. It was decided that clearing the overgrown vegetation and build-up of potential brook blocking detritus in the vicinity of the Gabions should take precedence over the rejuvenation of the Manor Drive entrance notice board.

Out.2 opt. 940 x 530

Sadly, upon removal of the permanent notices and the 'You Are Here' map on the board at the south end of the lake, it was discovered that the backboard had suffered damage to the top corner [left or right, depending on which face of the board one is looking at] and that rot had set in.

lake board lft opt 460 x640Lake board rt opt 460 x 640

This meant there was nothing really to be gained by sanding down and repainting the board, at that time, as the backboard would need to be replaced first.  







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