Beachcombers Quiztrail Answers

There are two [2] islands in the lake.

There are six [6] silver maples along the boundary to the estate.

Three [3] crab apple trees + one [1] apple tree = four [4] fruits that can be made into jelly.

The lake was last dredged in 1984 which is thirty-five [35] years ago.

The old oak is known to be at least one hundred and fifty [150] years old.

In the Spinney, around half-way up the left-hand footpath, someone, many years ago left a bicycle against a tree and forgot about it. The tree grew around it and carried it up as it grew taller. All that is left now is the metal frame - both [2] wheels are long gone.

The answer is in the question - Millennium, which was nineteen [19] years ago.

The oldest map of this area was made in 1840, one hundred and seventy-nine [179] years ago.

Griffin's Brook was created in 1819, one hundred [100] years ago.

The Ancient Hedge that borders the eastern side of the Great Meadow is known to be at least four hundred and fifty [450] years old this year.

Adding all the numerical answers together should give a total of nine hundred and forty-seven [947].





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