Lark in the Park: Saturday, June 15th 2019

Not an ideal day, weather-wise, to hold an event in a park; nevertheless, over 100 visitors came along and, although there may have been one or two disparaging remarks about the accuracy of the old adage "Flaming June", yet everyone still managed to get something fun, interesting, educational or satisfying from their visit.

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Active Parks came, as they always do, with a selection of [soft] games, such as Tennis

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                                         and Archery.                                                           Courtesy of Active Base Art.......  new mediums of artistic expression.

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Honey bees in an observation hive box, brought along by....                        'Bumblebee Jan' [pollinating plants?] of the B'ham & District Beekeepers

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Waterside Care, the organization that funds & insures our own Volunteer WsC Team, was represented at the event by Project Officer, Lee Copplestone, who demonstrated how we conduct a freshwater invertebrate 'kick survey' - an advanced type of pond dipping that captures more species of water 'bugs' which...

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children of all ages find quite fascinating                                                                      as do many of their parents.  

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We remember the refreshments that were enjoyed by our visitors.........        

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 beautifully baked, prepared and served by our invaluable volunteers.

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There were several showers throughout the event, some quite heavy......

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but none of our visitors appeared to be in a hurry to head for home.















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