WaterSide Care April 2019 Review


     We did not have anyone with a camera at our April 2019 Conservation Day but, to make up for that, we had a couple at the WaterSide Care activity.

     Before reviewing the day, I would like to share this.......

     The numbers of volunteers attending our WaterSide activities, I am pleased to report, continues to increase month on month and a number of people,

     who are not FoMFP members, are showing a keen interest in getting involved.

     This is very good news and everyone who turns out to take care of our waterways, lake and Swales are part of a wide network of WSC groups throughout the

     West and East Midlands.

     I recently received my copy of the WSC End of Year Report [Y8] which can be viewed here, I hope you find it as interesting as did I.

     Now, on to our WaterSide Care activity on Sunday the 28th April 2019 during which managed to accomplish a great deal more than usual due to the 13 adults,

     two children and not forgetting our regular canine assistant, Jess, who turned out to help.

     From the Brook and stream, we recovered two scooters, half a dozen vehicle number plates, a car tyre and bicycle.



     Well done John, Steve and Ray - the Bike Boys!!

     There was also a lot of work done clearing blockages. Some before and after photographs.....

Before1.optx445   after1.optx445



     As well as the blockages pictured here, there were four others in the Brook; we also had enough volunteers to tidy up the Swales by picking any litter within them,

     cutting off the dead growth from last year's plants and shrubs and disposing of the dead material within the North Copse, either by weaving into the dead hedge

     that borders the footpath or in one of the bug habitats we have created there.

     We all had a very productive activity, enjoyed the fresh air, the exercise and a lot of banter.

justine harry scarlett.optx450    Phillip.optx450


        Great fun that leaves one with a sense of having achieved something good.

       Until........ that is, after tea, cake, biscuits and a chat, when we were in the car about to leave, we heard a motorcycle engine.

       By the time I had my 'phone out and ready to take a picture the rider had already flashed through the chicane and was on his way...

       way TOO FAST and way TOO DANGEROUS.




All text & photographs © FoMFP 2019







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