A Cautionary Note:

Illegal Motorcycles.

There has been a noticeable increase in the use of illegal motorcycles within the park during the last four months, particularly in the late afternoon and early evening. It is now no longer just a case of youths 'having fun' ruining the grass and riding within the park at high speeds. A recent report from a member of the public would indicate that some of these motorcyclists are no longer satisfied with just 'having fun' and putting lives at risk in the park, they are now attempting to steal from people as they race past them on residential streets within the vicinity of the park.

Just last week, two ladies walking their dogs in the park were outraged when one of them was almost struck by a speeding motorcyclist and when she complained she was verbally abused and spat at. A few minutes later, when a friend of the motorcyclist, on a bicycle, tried unsuccessfully to mollify the ladies with an 'apology', he too spat at them and one of the dogs before riding away, offering his own tirade of verbal abuse as he did so.

We are aware of just how dangerous this behaviour is to people within the park, the dogs that are being exercised, the wildlife, birds, wildfowl and even the criminals themselves: there is never a 'good' time to ride a motorcycle at speed through a public park but to do so at dusk or after dark, without using lights, is positively reckless and irresponsible.

Quite rightly, park users are becoming heartily sick of this and, in most cases, are frustrated that the Police appear to be doing nothing about it. We can assure them that the Police are in fact doing the best they can but their resources are limited. Both we and the Police encourage anyone witnessing this reckless behaviour to call 101 and report what they have seen, or experienced, at their earliest opportunity: however, it cannot be overstressed that calls should not be made in full view of the motorcyclists or their friends, for your own personal safety.

It would be very helpful to recall anything that would assist the Police in identifying either the motorcycles or the persons riding them. The registration number of the motorcycle would be very useful, unfortunately, it now seems that, more often than not, these criminals remove the identifying index number completely; however, the colour of the machine/s and articles of clothing being worn by the riders along with descriptions of them and/or any of their friends, either on foot or riding bicycles, could prove to be invaluable.

D A B-P: 02/03/2019






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