On Sunday 23rd October 2011 a group of volunteers, under the supervision of Park Ranger Steve Hinton cleared the North Copse, in which the second set of steps were made earlier in the year, at the North end of the lake, adjacent to the Manor Drive entrance.

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woodgroup opt 600Despite the deliberate and malicious intent by the person or persons unknown, who tried to sabotage the project by writing 'CANCELLED' across all the posters on the park notice boards, 13 volunteers, 3 Committee Members and one Duke of Edinburgh Award candidate attended the project, which was ably supervised by Park Ranger Steve Hinton (pictured here on the far right of the photograph). The aim of the project was to clear the wood of undergrowth and fell the smaller trees that were damaged, dangerous or just not growing in the 'right place' and we were very successful with our efforts.

Following a short introductory talk from Steve on the importance of keeping one's fellow workers in sight and mind; how to use the various tools in a safe and productive manner and to keep one's helmet on whilst actually felling the trees, we were allowed to get on with our cleaning and tidying.wwd005 450_opt

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I am pleased to note that everyone must have paid the necessary amount of attention to Steve's safety talk, for despite the use of so many sharp tools and the number of people involved, there was one accident- the Secretary's wife, Caroline, managed to bark her shin on a new stump. "These things happen, but how I managed it twice, I don't know", she was heard to comment wryly.wwd006 450_opt

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