The Association has had a Constitution since its inception in 1985. It has been reviewed and updated twice since 2010. Once in order to make allowances for changing Laws and more modern considerations (at the 2010 AGM); then again in May 2012 by means of a postal/Internet ballot.

The results of the postal/Internet ballot were ratified by a simple majority of those present at the AGM held on Sunday 8th July 2012.





1. The name of the Association is FRIENDS OF MANOR FARM PARK.

2. The objects of the Association are to express and act upon the concerns of park users and residents in the neighbourhood of Manor Farm Park with the well being of the park. The Association will work for the improvement of amenities in the park, including:

  • Play areas.
  • Wildlife conservation.
  • Personal security.
  • Rubbish removal. 
  • Good footpaths and access points.


  • bringing items of concern to the attention of the relevant department of the City Council
  • promoting the involvement of the local community by undertaking practical tasks to supplement the routine work of the park management, with their agreement
  • organizing educational and recreational activities in the park
  • informing local people about proposed projects and other matters of interest
  • seeking to raise external funding for the support of the park and the work of the Friends


3. Membership of the Association is open to all people willing to support the aims and objectives of the Friends.

4. The Association shall have no political affiliation.

5. The work of the Association will be carried out by a Management Committee.

5.1. Four [4] members of the Committee constitute a quorum for meetings of the Committee.

5.2. The Committee will be responsible for making decisions regarding its operation, including frequency of meetings, (subject to a minimum of four [4] per year), the appointment of co-opted members, creation of sub-committees or working groups, and division of work, including roles and responsibilities to be undertaken by Committee Members.

5.3. Decisions will be made by the agreement of a simple majority of the Members of Committee present and voting at any Meeting. If the votes are equal the Chair shall have the casting vote.

5.4. The Committee will keep Minutes of its Meetings and records of any other relevant matters or information pertaining to the Association.

5.5. If an Officer of the Committee resigns during their term of office the Committee may appoint someone in their place up to the time  of the next Annual General Meeting.

5.6. The Committee may invite and approve co-options to Committee up to a maximum of twelve [12] Committee Members in total, either to fill existing vacancies or those which arise prior to the next AGM; or because they can offer specific skills or experience for the purpose of a particular piece of work being undertaken by Committee, for a fixed period.

6. The Association may affiliate to relevant groups and bodies as Committee see fit, and liaise with other relevant bodies where there are shared interests

7. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held each year; twenty-one [21] days' notice will be given to members of the Association.

7.1. The AGM will be considered valid when one fifth [5th], or twenty [20] members of the Association, whichever is the lesser, are present.

7.2. To be eligible to vote at the AGM the membership fee for the year covering the meeting must be paid up at least two weeks in advance.

7.2.1. Each membership fee paid provides an entitlement of one vote.

7.2.2. Should an additional member of a household wish to vote at the AGM they must pay an additional membership fee.

7.3. The AGM will elect:

      1. A ­Chairman
      2. A Secretary
      3. A Treasurer
      4. Up to seven [7] other Members

7.3.1. All Officers and Committee Members will be individually confirmed or selected (if more than one candidate) by a simple majority of eligible voters.

7.3.2. The Members of Committee should be persons who are prepared to represent the interests of all park users and all sections of the local community.

7.3.3. In 2012 half the Committee will be elected for a period of two [2] years and the remainder for one [1] year. Thereafter, all Committee Members will be elected for a period of two [2] years with approximately half [1/2] of Committee completing their term each year. All individuals may stand for re-election when their elected term is completed.

7.3.4. Candidates for Committee or Office can be elected in absentia, providing they have submitted a written statement in advance.

7.4. At the Annual General Meeting the Chair and other Officers or Committee Members will present Reports outlining the activities of the Association in the previous year and how the funding received by the Association has been used to carry out its purposes and aims.

7.5. Resolutions on all matters other than dissolution of the Association will be decided by a simple majority indicated by a show of hands of all eligible members present and voting.

7.6. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting shall be kept, including records of all votes taken.

8. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Association may be called either if Committee decide one is necessary, or at the request of a third [1/3] of the membership. Requirements in terms of notice, voting eligibility and conduct of the meeting shall be as per the AGM.

9. The funds of the Association may only be used for purposes consistent with the aims of the Association.

9.1. Funds can be raised by an annual membership fee, donations, external fund-raising and other appropriate activities provided that in raising funds the Committee does not undertake any substantial or permanent trading activities.

9.2. The annual membership fee will be due from the day after the AGM and will cover the period through to, and including, the following AGM. Changes in membership fee must be proposed and agreed at an AGM.

9.3. The funds of the Association will be paid into an account(s) operated by Committee in the name of the Association. There will be a minimum of two signatories, (one of whom will be the Treasurer). Two signatures will be required on any cheques over a sum to be reviewed and agreed periodically by Committee.

9.4. The Association will keep records and accounts of all its financial transactions. The Treasurer will provide regular updates to Committee and present an Annual Statement of Accounts to the AGM. The accounts will be independently verified and/or audited periodically as determined by Committee.

9.5. No member of Committee may benefit from the work of the Association other than as any ordinary member of the Association might benefit, allowance being made however for out of pocket expenses.

10. The Association will comply with all relevant legislation and guidance pertaining to voluntary organizations and the use of volunteers.

11. The Association will follow policies and procedures relating to Health and Safety, Protection of both Children and Vulnerable Adults, and Equality and Diversity as relevant and in accordance with legal requirements and best practice.

12. The Constitution of the Association may be altered when a simple majority of the members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting pass a resolution.The proposed resolution must be sent out with the agenda in advance of the meeting.

12.1 The Constitution may also be amended by means of a postal/Internet ballot of all fully subscribed members, provided at least three weeks is allowed for responses.

12.2 A postal/Internet ballot may also be used to secure the views of members on any such matters which Committee may deem appropriate and necessary.

13. If Committee decides that the Association should be dissolved it should call an EGM of all the members, giving twenty-one [21] days' notice. If the proposal to dissolve is confirmed by a two thirds [2/3] majority of those present and voting, the Committee should pass any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any debts and liabilities held by the Association to a local, like-minded, constituted body as agreed at the meeting.

This Constitution [amended July 2010: May 2012], was ratified and adopted by those present at the AGM, held on Sunday 8th July 2012.

It was signed by the Chair, N.S. Ghaleigh and Secretry, D.A. Bryson-Peart at the Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 18th July 2012.

DAB-P (Sept 2012)





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