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 Himalayan Balsam

06231a08775d88f9e28fbe19e5fb4933Despite its pretty, purplish-pink flowers and its attractiveness to bees, this invasive weed is a threat to our indigenous plant life, particularly in wetland habitats. Exploding pods hurl seeds a distance of up to 13'; it is the tallest annual plant in the UK, growing as high as 8'.

For the last six years or so we have been doing our best to eradicate this weed from the banks of the Griffin's Brook and in the wetland areas of the park. Sadly, it has come to our attention that we are unlikely to reduce its presence further as there is a stretch of the brook, upstream between our park and Ley Hill park where the Himalayan balsam is left to proliferate freely. Moreover, we are not allowed, as a group of volunteers, to go and destroy it due to insurance issues. We have been looking into these issues and may even have a solution which we will share with you once we are sure it is feasible.

A more detailed article on this invasive weed can be read here.







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