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February 2019

February is the time for all our volunteers to get back into the twice-monthly routine [perhaps more often this year and in 2020] of getting out into the fresh air and working to keep our beautiful park looking as good as possible.

Our Conservation Activities, on one Saturday per month and WaterSide Care on Sunday, two weeks later take care of issues like fallen trees blocking footpaths or the Griffin's Brook; clearing the undergrowth in the North Copse; planting seeds and bulbs; removing low hanging branches that can sweep one's hat off [or even worse, one's spectacles]; keeping the Swales clear of litter and unwanted growth like thistles and young alder trees; maintaining the bat boxes; keeping an eye on the water quality; removing and destroying invasive plants such as Himalayan Balsam and generally making sure the park remains as safe for users as we can.

Above are only a few of the many tasks carried out by our volunteers and it must be noted that, without these selfless and caring men, women and children, the park would be well into decline by now. It must also be noted that such a decline would not be the fault of the Rangers, whose ranks have been radically reduced over recent years; nor can we blame the hard working Parks Department staff who have also seen many of their numbers cut, particularly that of the park keepers who would daily pick up the litter, keep pathways clear and carry out all manner of other tasks, mostly un-noticeable until the 'parkie' departed.

Manor Farm Park, fortunately, managed to keep our 'parkie', which reduced the amount of work our volunteers would otherwise have had to do in 2018. However, all we really want to say, now, at the start of the 'working year' for our volunteers, is:

"Congratulations to the Friends of Manor Farm Park, who managed an amazing 2,954 hours of volunteer work in 2018".

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