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Whilst I continue to troubleshoot errors with the new site, here is a poster that lets you know about activities planned for the next few months. We also have an Event, currently still in the planning stage for early May 2017 - so keep popping back for news about that.

Any questions or comments you might have may be sent directly to the Secretary by using the 'Contact Us' form here.




Of course, several other activities and events will be undertaken between now and June, but as there are no fixed dates, as yet. Some are still in the planning stages; as soon as we confirm these activities the site will be updated accordingly.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding about the new site. I assure you I am giving its construction as much of my spare time as possible.


UPDATE: Monday 13th March 2017

Following a chat with the Ranger after last Saturday's work in the Noth Copse, we now have two more dates you may wish to add to your diaries for the Ranger Led activities:

Saturday 15th April 2017 & Saturday 20th May 2017.

As with all the Ranger Led and WaterSide Care activity arrangements, meet at the Manor Drive notice board to begin work at 1030hrs. The Ranger Led activity ends at 1230hrs, but WaterSide Care has no fixed finishing time and can be much later, depending on the number of volunteers that attend and the amount of work we can complete.

Thank you for your continued help and support with all the work we do in our beautiful park.

There are still those who visit the park regularly and do not realize that, almost overnight changes such as fallen trees that blocked the footpath one day are gone the next, were cut up and removed to be used elsewhere by volunteers and not by any Department of the Birmingham City Council, such as the one responsible for looking after the City's trees. This is not to say they do not act as swiftly as possible to deal with storm damaged and fallen trees that pose a danger to the public, because they do, to the best of their ability and under difficult circumstances and less than acceptable budget allocations.

It is because they are so overstretched that the majority of the trees that fall in our park are not considered a danger to the public, but more an inconvenience; so they are not high on the 'To do List', if they are on it at all. This is also why our activity days over the last few months have been spent dealing with the fallen trees in the park.

Volunteers are valuable and their contribution to the upkeep of our park should never be underestimated.

There are several pages of photographs, starting here, which try to show the amount of work that we manage to complete, in relatively short periods of work-time and what it is we achieve.




 Article: DAB-P
Photographs © FoMFP 2017





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