MAY 2018

We have quite a busy May this year, starting off with a Waterside Care day on Sunday 6th. Information about what time and where to meet, if you have not volunteered for a Waterside Care activity before, can be found here.

On Friday 11th, we have a new activity we are introducing this year in place of the Annual Dawn Chorus, to see how many of you might prefer it, or not. Instead of getting up early to be out and about listening to the birds singing in the morning, we thought that for a change - and to see if the difference in the singing was noticeable, we would try an Evening Bird Song Walk.

The main activity for May, this year, is our Spring into Summer Event which we held in April last year. Not quite as successful, in terms of attendance, as the Autumn Antics Event, it was nevertheless enjoyed by all who, despite the cold and overcast day, did turn up. We are hoping the weather will be a lot kinder this year and look forward to seeing lots of new faces alongside our regular attendees. 

Of course, we will still be having our monthly Ranger-led work days - here is a picture of the turn-out for the first one held in the North Copse. Very impressive but not our largest ever.......


and let us not forget the Waterside Care Team who keep the Griffin's Brook flowing and clean

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You can update your diaries with dates of events and activities from now until autumn in our Spring 2018 Newsletter here.

The Spring 2018 Newsletter also has a 4-page supplement all about what is happening and what the options are for the redevelopment of the main entrance to the park; please read it. If you have not had the Newsletter delivered, then you can read the supplement starting on page three of the Newsletter here.

The Newsletter recreated here, has a link on the lower right side of pages 1 through 7 which will take you to the next page.

Photographs © Daniel A Bryson-Peart 2012-2020

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