Autumn Antics

(Fun & Learning for schoolchildren)

Hopefully, a bit of a break for parents and grandparents too: a few hours outside in the fresh air and an opportunity to meet new people whilst having fun with the children.Penny opt 400 x

We have arranged to have this Event on Thursday 27th October between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. The main area of activity will be on the slope below the Barn, opposite the children's playground; it is also the place we have chosen for everyone to meet.

We wouild like you all to start arriving from around 10:10 a.m. onwards so we can prepare the lists of names and begin checking who is going to be most interested in what.

The activities we have arranged will include, but are not exclusive to:

A Stick Journey

The children are given a walking stick, of sorts, and go for a stroll around the park during which they are introduced to points of interest that are explained to them; as they go, they collect items that they fasten to their stick. These items, such as leaves from particular trees and shrubs, berries, different grasses, flowers or even petals and so on. The idea being that when they look at what they have collected, it reminds them of what they have learned.

Constructing Bat Boxes

It is hoped that  the children will want to see the boxes they have put together being sited in trees around the park and help to monitor them. The boxes will be numbered and the children who assembled them will have thier name added to the respective number on the monitoring chart.

Pumpkin Carving

Those who carve the pumpkins will be allowed to take them home to use for Halloween Night.

Making medallions

The photograph on the right shows Parks Ranger Penny Marriott helping a young lady make one of the medallions at our Heritage Open Day in October 2014. [photo ©D A B-P]

A Bug Hunt

We have asked Nick, a member of the 'Urban Buzz' initiative, to come along and among other things, take a group around the park looking for bugs, in particular, the as yet unseen in Birmingham Ivy Bee. Nick will explain all about this new migrant to England.

Halloween Crafts

This consists of cutting out and colouring in lots of Halloween related objects - witches, black cats, broomsticks, pumpkins, bats and ghosts etc which can then be used to make mobiles, for example.

Exercise and Games

 We have asked Active Parks if they would be kind enough to come along on the day to help out with their own 'pop up' activities; this would be things like soft archery, sumo wrestling with huge body suits made to like like sumo wrestlers and constructed  with foam or soft rubber; rounders or baseball and of course, football. We are yet to hear back from them, but we are told they are always keen to get involved.

All children are welcome to come along and join in, but we must insist that those under the age 14 wishing to attend MUST come with a responsible adult please. The Event is free to all and not restricted to children of FoMFP members, or adult members.

We look forward to seeing you on 27th October and that we all have a great day, unspoiled by weather.

Although we will be supplying {limited} FREE refreshments, yet bringing along your own flasks, bottles of water or pop, sandwiches and cakes etc will certainly not be frowned upon.


 D A B-P. 04/10/2016



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