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Welcome to the Friends of Manor Farm Park Website

We wish all our Friends and Visitors a Happy, Enjoyable and Prosperous



We begin this New Year by giving a sincere and heartfelt "THANK YOU!!" to those who helped us achieve so much in 2018.

Without the support of our members' annual subscriptions and those who donate funds and purchase our beautiful calendars, we would have difficulty meeting administration costs; paying for the hosting of the website and other related web development fees; purchasing stencils, paint, nails, brushes, staples and the myriad of other items we require to continue operating. Also, we value most highly the work and time given freely by the volunteers who help keep the pathways clear of fallen trees, put up bat boxes, build stairs, remove brambles, nettles and invasive flora, keep Griffin's Brook clean of litter and blockages and do everything possible to keep our beautiful park a safe and peaceful haven in which people can relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

There is a lot we want to do and will be asking for help throughout the year. You will have noted the new '2019' main menu item: if you would like to volunteer your help or want to attend any or all of the events/activities we have planned, click on this menu item. We will be adding updates and news items as they become available, so keep visiting to check out what is happening or may be cancelled because of weather or other issues.

We are aware there has recently been an escalation of the illegal, irresponsible and dangerous riding of motorcycles in the park and we are doing all we can, legally, to put a stop to it. Whilst being conscious that this behaviour may cause some park users to become angry, we strongly advise against direct confrontation. Instead, as soon as you are able, without being observed, you should telephone 101 and tell the operator that you were an eye-witness to the incident and if you can recall clearly, the colour of the machine, the clothes being worn by the rider and any other unusual or outstanding things you may have seen that could help the Police apprehend these people. The higher the volume of calls to 101 about this, the higher the chances are the Police will visit the park.


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