March 2019

'In like a lion: out like a lamb' went the old adage applied to March, at least when the seasons followed a set pattern.

Conservation Day

When we planted the wildflower plugs in the Great Meadow seven years ago, March began as anything but a lion, it was hot and dry throughout and we struggled to give the plugs the best possible start. So far, this year, March appears to have reverted to type and the weather has been wet and windy; this does not bode well for our Conservation Day activity on Saturday the 8th. Nevertheless, we will be out there doing our best as long as the weather is not too severe. We look forward to seeing you there.

WaterSide Care Day

The WaterSide Care activity takes place 15 days after Conservation Day, so it is hoped that the weather will not be an issue but who can say with any certainty? We hope the attendance for this activity will continue to improve as the year progresses.

To check on the work carried out at the above activities in February, please click the links under the '2019' menu tab.

This early in the year there is not a lot to do within the park for volunteers and our annual events do not begin until the 'Dawn Chorus' in May; however, we are always happy to hear from our members and other park users who may wish to help whenever asked to. With this in mind, we have begun to build a database of volunteers: if you would like to be added to this database, please contact our Secretary with your details.

Finally, for now at least, please take time to read this note about motorcyclists.














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